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Gittr is an online ordering platform that facilitates payments, deliveries, and client management - all from one, multi-platform, intuitive web-app.

How It Works


Your customers select items and securely pay online


Gittr dispatches the order to your company and the product provider simultaneously. We route the payments where they need to go and provide a receipt to the customer directly.


When the order gets delivered, your dispatch screen automatically moves it to a "completed" category so you don't have to worry about tracking orders.


The core of Gittr is the online ordering system, which allows customers to select exactly what they want from menus built by your partners. After selecting their items, our system collects contact information from the customer and securely collects payment. Then, we dispatch the order to your software and the product provider simultaneously.


When a customer provides payment information, we securely transmit that information to our processer. We don't retain credit card numbers or other sensitive information - your customers can rest easy knowing that we back every transaction.
After a payment is received, we can split up those payments so your partners don't have to wait till the end of your billing period to get paid - and neither do you!

Split Payments

Gittr's analytical tools help your clients determine best practices and allows them to boost sales with coupons and special offers.
Those same reporting tools can help you interface with clients when there is a discrepency. Gittr helps problem solvers solve problems.


We're integrated with a lot of technologies you're probably already using

TwinJet Google Maps Google Analytics Twilio Stripe OpenStreeMap

Gittr is a web-based application, which means access isn't restricted to one platform. From iOS to Android, Mac to Windows, and everything inbetween, Gittr looks great and works better on any divice and at any size.

Our dispatch system shows you when your order is ready, when it's been picked up, and when it's been delivered. This information can be used to help inform your customers and make informed decisions.

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