We want to help your business grow, so we're always going to keep Gittr as affordable as possible. To learn more about a feature, click on its name. in the top row of the table below. Swipe or click the left & right buttons to view different plans

Plan Merchant Limit Per Order Fee Monthly Fee Support Hours SSL Priority Support Add-ons Included
Free 5 $1.50 $0 1
Basic 10 $.75 $50 4
Pro 25 $0.50 $100 6
Advanced Unlimited $0.30 $200 6


You'll benefit from Gittr's SEO and shared customer base across company platforms. You'll have access to all of our documentation. You'll receive automatic security and base feature updates.

All plans include these features

Our online ordering system allows your clients to build their menus according to their specifications. From wholesale and catering options to daily menus, our menu builder is granular and expandable.
The ease of use transfers to the ordering process as well - meaning that your customers will always get exactly what they want without confusion.
After building their cart, the customer tells you exactly where they are and how to reach them, then, they pay for their order. We dispatch the order to your software and let the product provider know about the new delivery.
We handle splitting up the payment so your clients get paid - no more complicated invoicing at the end of the month.
Our system makes providing customer service easier than ever by integrating it with our platform. Handling refunds, contacting the customer, and communicating with the product provider is all done from one screen.


Our instant payment distribution means that money due to a client will be directly deposited into their account. No more writing checks, chasing down that invoice, or reconciling - Gittr makes your day to day smoother.
Our analytical tools help your clients determine best practices and allows them to boost sales with coupons and special offers.
Those same reporting tools can help you interface with clients when there is a discrepency. Gittr helps problem solvers solve problems.

Split Payments

We're integrated with a lot of technologies you're probably already using

TwinJet Google Maps Google Analytics Twilio Stripe OpenStreeMap

Gittr is a web-based application, which means access isn't restricted to one platform. From iOS to Android, Mac to Windows, and everything inbetween, Gittr looks great and works better on any divice and at any size.

Our dispatch system shows you when your order is ready, when it's been picked up, and when it's been delivered. This information can be used to help inform your customers and make informed decisions.